Introducing our Four Core Services along with the HammerSport Ultra Plan. You get everything you need to build your brand, Implement a growth strategy, and track your marketing and sales. We provide customized bundles to help you achieve your specific goals or single marketing services on an as-needed basis.

Hammersport Marketing Ultra Plan

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The HammerSport Ultra Plan; is a done-for-you complete Marketing Program with a customized roadmap that contains everything you need to add one million dollars in revenue, guaranteed!

Action without planning and strategy results in unpredictable outcomes with little or no achievement of goals and objectives. Too many marketers lack the understanding or willingness to create marketing plans. Often they peddle tactics and tools as a strategy.

The Ultra Plan allows us to build systems out of all of the tactics and tools available in a way where they all work together to build awareness, find qualified prospects, and get them to knock on your door.

The result is an ongoing, testable and repeatable set system. You own it, and it can be turned on and off. These systems are scalable to let you decide how fast you grow. We operate them for you until you reach the revenue you want. Highly qualified prospects ask you how to get started, the brightest and happiest employees come to work for you, business gets fun and easy and money flows inward freely.

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Marketing Strategy – Our marketing strategy for businesses begins by understanding your ultimate goal.  What do you want?  How far do you want to go?  Next, we understand your ideal client, research their desires, and tailor your messaging to the perfect client.  This is the key to successful marketing.

Marketing businesses can be difficult because it’s often hard to know what the ultimate goal should be. You want to attract new customers, but you also need to focus on retaining your current ones. It’s essential that you tailor your messaging to match your ideal client, and then put in the effort to reach them where they are. If you can do these things, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Define your ultimate goal.
  2. Understand your ideal client and what they want.
  3. Research where your ideal clients are and reach out to them.
  4. Focus on retaining your current clients as well as attracting new ones.

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Cinematic Video – Every company needs video.  Most haven’t even started which is why video marketing is still an enormous opportunity for you.  We construct videos with purpose, meaning, and style that makes you look awesome and be awesome.  You can have a video NOW with our Epic Same Day Video service.

Cinematic video is an important marketing tool for any business. It can be used to create a powerful and lasting impression on potential customers, showcasing the company’s products or services in a dynamic and engaging way. Video production requires skill and expertise, which our team at HammerSport Films has in abundance. We can help you create a video that will make your business look great and reach a wide audience.

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Digital Marketing – This is the whole ball of wax.  This is the stuff that you are inundated with daily by crass, online, nobody guru’s.  Websites, Design, Advertising, Copy, Google Ads, SEO, Facebook & Instagram Ads.  Why?  Because they work.  We use expert, specialized partners that add their personal magic to your digital marketing needs.

We are in an age where more than 70% of consumers expect a brand to have a social media presence. But, not just any social media presence consumers expect your brand to have a tailored, cohesive social media strategy.

Almost every business can benefit from social media marketing services. While most companies know they should be using social media to market their business, they don’t know what networks to invest in—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—or how much, and that’s where our social media management services step in.

HammerSport digital marketing management and advertising services remove the complexity of social media for business owners and let you stick to what you know best—running your business!

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Content Marketing – This is the creation and publishing of written, graphic, and video content in a strategic manner so as to build the familiarity and authority of your brand.  It will be your custom-designed strategy to resonate with your perfect client by building engaging content that resonates with them.

High-quality content impacts your customer’s buying decisions more than any other technique. Engaging content is one of the most effective ways to promote your business but it must be of high quality.

The quality of your content will have a direct impact not only on how it performs in the SERPs (search engine results pages) but on how your target audiences react to and engage with it.

Each and every piece of content you produce needs to be different and better than anything else out there. Your content should provide your customers with something that’s of value to them otherwise they’re going to click back and have a look back through the SERPs (search engine results pages) for content that will provide them with what they want.

With HammerSport Marketing as your content marketing services partner, you can make content hassle-free with our content marketing services.

Are you ready to start optimizing your content? Contact us online to chat with an experienced strategist from our team to learn more about how content can drive leads.

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