We provide everything you need to build your brand, Implement a growth strategy, attract your Ideal Clients, and track your marketing and sales. At HammerSport Marketing we design customized bundles that will achieve your specific goals. We also understand you need a reliable source to develop the marketing and sales materials for specific plans you already have in place. For that we provide single, one-time marketing services on an as needed basis. Click on “book a call” to learn about our Complete Marketing Program with guaranteed results or scroll down to learn about the different service sectors we provide and click to see specific products and their descriptions.

Hammersport Marketing - A Complete Marketing Program to grow your business

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A done for you Marketing Program with a customized roadmap that contains everything you need to add one million dollars in revenue, guaranteed!

Action without planning and strategy can result in unpredictable outcomes with little or no achievement of goals and objectives. Too many marketers lack the understanding or willingness to create through marketing plans.  Often they peddle tactics and tools as a strategy.

Our comprehensive Marketing Program allows us to build systems out of all of the tactics and tools available in a way where they all work together to build awareness, find qualified prospects, and get them to knock on your door.

The result is an ongoing, testable, and repeatable set system. You own it, and it can be turned on and off. These systems are scalable to let you decide how fast you grow. We operate them for you until you reach the revenue you want. Highly qualified prospects ask you how to get started, the brightest and happiest employees come to work for you, business gets fun and easy, and money flows inward freely.

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Build Your Company’s Image and Reputation –
The brand of your company is how you attract people to it. You get the tools and messaging needs that will attract your ideal clients and convert them to raving fans.

Most companies compete with each other based on price, service, and slight differences in their features. The benefits are all the same, that is why they are just commodities. Services that can be bought and sold with little differentiation from company to company.

Our HammerSport Proprietary Brand Development Formula takes into account you, your leaders, your services, and the existing market climate.  We build you a Brand Book that contains; a complete explanation of the founders, leaders and their purpose, a fully developed description of your services along with tag lines, elevator speeches, and other written scripts for communicating in all kinds of situations. A full marketing research section that lays the footwork for finding and relating to your ideal client.

Your ideal client wants high-quality service and is willing to pay for it. A highly developed brand that displays a deeper purpose is the characteristic that influences the consumer’s final decision. This work will give you the upper hand against your competitors. The elements of your brand will show the world and your ideal prospects the effort and care that you put forth and how that translates into the experience your clients desire.

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Share your Company’s Story with the world –
Your story is amazing! We share it online in all the places your ideal client pays attention to. You get a beautiful website and social profiles that cohesively communicate the value you bring.

Companies across all Industries fail to have cohesive marketing messages while creating an emotional connection with their ideal clients. Without cohesive messaging on all of the available online platforms, they are missing the opportunity to connect with high-quality prospects in a way that creates interest or gives value.

A well-developed brand contains your image and ideas along with a stunning visual corporate identity. This will create a cohesive footprint across the internet. This foundation gives us a strong base to market on and form emotional connections with the target market that will become your ideal clients.

The presentation of this cohesive image will show your prospects the high level of professionalism they get with your service. No matter how or where they are first introduced to your company, they will get the proper introduction of how the relationship with you will make their life or business better.

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Great marketing will get sales coming to YOU –
Marketing is the act of presenting irresistible offers and getting people to come to you.  We communicate the value you bring using feelings and emotions that make your target market take action and ask you to do business.

Companies think that the only way to attract new clients is to advertise to prospects that are suffering a problem and have an immediate need. Fortunately for you, this is the way the majority thinks, therefore it holds the greatest opportunity. Your competition also fails to test its messages against multiple options, they never find the best way to communicate their value.

Our solution is twofold. We create content that earns the attention of your ideal market which turns them into an audience and we use the power of the internet and digital tools to measure and test all of our messaging.

This gets YOU a lower cost of distribution due to more effective and efficient messaging along with the creation of an audience that already trusts you because their life is better because they know you. The result is a tribe, a group of people who NEED you when they have a problem. At this point, you are no longer a commodity and price is no longer an issue.

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Tech should make things better for YOU –
Most companies have too much of the wrong technology. We find and set up ONLY the tech that makes your business easier and directly drives more sales.

Technology is increasing at an exponential rate and the job of these tech producers is to convince us that we need their products.  Great marketing results in FOMO or the fear of missing out but this emotion ends up creating a constant jump from one shiny object to another.  Tech does not create growth, it assists us when growth occurs.

Our firm has used more technology tools than most people will ever even hear about.  It’s our job and we love it but we still adhere to the First Principles of Marketing and Business. We test and learn about new tech so that you don’t have to. Our staff is young and trained in the programming languages that these pieces of technology use so we are able to keep an eye on the industry for you.

We will introduce new tech when the time is right.  Let us carry this burden for you.  First, our roadmap creates the growth you need, then we solve the problems that your new growth creates with technology that is right for your business. We use other professionals to choose, implement and train you so your transition is smooth and the result is pain-free, less complicated business operations.

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