Technical Services
We leverage technology and data to give our clients an edge.

We provide a variety of technical services including some not listed here. For more information please contact us at

API’s are increasingly becoming the back bone of modern companies. Some companies. all they have are API’s and nothing else! We partner with companies like Facebook to provide interfaces and integrations for their various API’s.
API’s can automate marketing, save time and allow decisions to be made more effectively. 

We offer fully featured first and third party analytics tools that allow stakeholders to monitor events in real time through a digital dashboard. We offer analytics services for various apps including desktop, IOS, android and web. For mobile our solutions can be offered in react-native, flutter, swift, java, kotlin and many more languages and frameworks. 

We build fully featured analytics platforms using the most robust and accurate analytics systems available. Our analytics platforms create clean data that is optimized to train machine learning algorithms. 

It’s not just a buzzword anymore. We use first and third party data along with tools like Tensorflow and Tensorflowjs to create data models that help make better decisons for businesses. Machine learning and marketing go hand in hand that’s why our data tools are pre-formatted for machine learning optimization.

We offer fully responsive web design services written with frameworks like bootstrap, bulma or tailwind. For some use cases we do custom theming css and sass as well. 

Our full stack web development solutions mean that your app idea or business dashboard can be engineered as simply and efficiently as possible. We use frameworks like Laravel, to make production incredibly simple. We also use technologies like nodeJS, react, and vuejs for full javascript applications. 

Our web hosting is second to none in terms of cost, security and availability. We use the infrastructure of Linode to offer highly available and back end servers and storage for clients of all sizes. We even have a specific service for wordpress hosting that clients can manage themselves. Ask us how to host your wordpress website free for 90 days. 

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