Creative Services
We leverage art and creativity to give you an edge.

We agree!  Creative is everything!  Our team has the knowledge and talent to recognize valuable content, determine what creative is appropriate and where the create should go.  You may need a fully produced video with actors, lighting, sound design and post production but sometimes a 3 word meme with a scenic picture will produce the desired effect.  Knowing what, when and where to use the visual arts to create action is our forte.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your audience organically. Frankly, time and effort are in short supply for most businesses. Our team of dedicated community managers can help you with this. All we need from you is your social media. Find out how we can grow your audience through community management. 

Content marketing has been around for decades. What makes it so powerful today is the shareability factor of the content that we produce. Imagine if your followers shared your content to new people. It happens everyday with our agency. Find out how content marketing can help grow your business. 

Words make people take action. It’s as simple as that. Everyday thousands of people read copy that we write for our clients and more than a few are likely to take action because of our scientific approach to doing so. Find out how just a few words can lead to thousands of dollars in potential revenue for your business. 

Email marketing is the one channel that most businesses either over look. They either don’t do it or worse, an intern does it. 

Our clients rely on email marketing as a solid source of revenue. They use email marketing to hedge their advertising bets on Google, radio billboards, etc.. Our strategies are as simple as being consistent and can become complex as we tailor specific messages for fine-tuned audiences.  

Find out how we can help turn your existing customer list into a new revenue source for your business!  Let us get this strategy working for you now!  

Graphic design is important from typography and column design
in a newsletter to the button on a landing page or the aftereffects built into
a video intro. It is used to create an effective billboard and a fruitful web
page’s call to action. It begins by creating the brand identity for a company
and it ends only when the company ceases to remain competitive. We utilize
multiple enterprise level talents to produce and an exquisite eyeball bouncing
dance of graphic design for your front page an irresistible call to action or a
flyer to distribute by hand.

Photographs invoke meaning and emotion.  Their value to communicate in marketing will remain far into the future. 

We leverage professional photography and amateur pictures as assets to communicate to your target market.  Your company will utilize photography to
create a digital storybook that creates an ongoing dialogue with your current and future customers. 

Video production is an important and necessary part of every businesses marketing strategy.  

HammerSport Marketing develops plans for a business according to their marketing needs and their current level of in-house video capabilities and usage.  From training your staff to create small selfie videos to full day multi-deliverable video shoots we have the staff, partners and experience to take your company through all the stages of utilizing video to grow your company’s revenue.

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