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Advertising Services

Your business has a message that your market needs to hear. We ensure the people that are most likely to hear your message and take action do so by finding the most cost effective places (digital, video, audio) to place that message.

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Creative Services

We utilize the most effective content marketing strategies that will take your businesses message and translate it into various forms of media that are so relevant to your market they ask for more.

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Technical Services

We democratize technical services. Whether you need advanced analytics, hosting, web design, or web development. Our professional practices and affordable rates will make your CEO, FFO and CTO thank you.

Our Profiles

The People Behind HammerSport Marketing.

Lewis May

President & CEO

Lewis May started the HammerSport brand with a passion for working with businesses and assisting with their growth.

Early in his 20-year career as a salesperson he realized how much he disliked selfish companies with poor products or services that take advantage of consumers. Even more distressing to him was how these companies could do so well using winning sales and marketing strategies DESPITE their lack of quality.

He came to learn that he would never be satisfied unless he did something about it and marketing is the action he decided to take. To do this he and his business partner Riley are in a constant state of learning and implementing strategies to help businesses grow. They use value and the process of honest communication to the marketplace. They experiment and test endlessly, never hesitating to try something new and constantly running ideas through the filter of, “will this help a good person build a great company”.

He saw opportunity in the field of advertising and marketing because of hugely under-served small to mid-level businesses and marketing companies that have lost touch with the “sales” side of what it takes to succeed. With his partnership with Riley Seaburg he strives to change the industry by serving his clients and delivering effective strategies with measurable results.

Lewis May
Riley Seaburg

Riley Seaburg

Chief Marketing Officer

Riley started his career in marketing and advertising after a successful career in public service that concluded with him working as part of Governor Cuomo’s advanced team. Riley’s highest value is to be of service which led him to join the Army in 2009 at 17.

Riley was always interested in business and knew that he wanted to help the businesses in his area that he saw struggling. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs he knew that there are many reasons why businesses fail. Eventually after years of studying Riley realized that the reason most businesses fail is because of a poor customer acquisition strategy. After freelancing for 6 month helping clients optimize their C.A.S. he met Lewis May who was passionate about the same things Riley was.

A couple of months later HammerSport Marketing was born and they haven’t looked back! 

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