How To Write A Values Driven Marketing Plan

Values-driven marketing is a tough nut to crack. It takes determination among other things. The team and I were speaking this morning about how best to market our brand-building course.

Our original intention was to drive traffic directly to a landing page and sell the course. It’s so valuable that a well-crafted sales letter could just take care of that. 

We have seen this work and we’ve bought the courses that were sold directly off of a landing page.

The idea is very intriguing and attractive because it is very scalable.

Something doesn’t quite feel right about this approach.

The issue that we kept running into is we weren’t necessarily serving the people who didn’t buy the course.

If we followed what the industry would typically do we wouldn’t necessarily be following our values.

The industry is shifting too. Not necessarily because it wants to but because as a marketing tool becomes more popular, it’s effectiveness deteriorates.

This has been happening to the Landing Page Sales Letter as well.

So is there a better way to sell? We think so. So we went back and took a look at our corporate core values.

If you haven’t set your core values, check out this article, Epic Companies and their 215 Core Values

We had a conversation about how our values would rework the funnel. We decided to offer what Frank Kern would call results in advance. Here is a different marketer’s blog article about this topic.

Results in advance will take care of altruism and service which are two of our core values.

There are two ways that we are offering results in advance.

  1. Offer a mini-course that is value-packed with brand-building content.
  2. Offer to audit their business and give them high-level brand information for under $100.

Once you understand what it is you want to do how do you go about doing it?

The team likes to use a flowchart. It helps us think better, work as a team and helps work out any kinks in the system.

To sum this post up. When you follow your values everything you do in your business will work for you and your clients.

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